Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today I decided that enough was enough. Enough of being sick. Enough of being cooped up. Enough of shoulder tension brought on by hunching over a computer. Heather and I booked in for massages at a lovely day spa and my little massuese Lilly was an angel. An angel who jumped up on the table and dug her knees into my back. Bliss!!

Dave met us afterwards for lunch and like a person who hasn't eaten much for a few days, I gorged myself on lettuce, pasta and a marvellous melty brownie. On the way home we stopped in at a little market place where Dave has been checking out some antique Aghan knives, and the place was a treasure trove:

I felt like Wonder Woman with one of these babies on each wrist

Notice anyone you know?

I was immensly disappointed by the following shot, not just because it's bad quality and blurry, but because I'd been wanting to take a photo of this fence that was being torn down. It used to be a UN building and the construction workers were struggling to remove the concrete fence because there was so much reo rod inside. Last time I drove past there was a big piece of machinery and men with jackhammers working on it, but today, only the pile of reo rods remained (and I didn't manage to catch the whole pile either!). Thought Dad would be impressed!

And here's a shot of what I think is typical Islamabad - nice wide roads, not much traffic, green trees and the Margalla hills in the background.

I'm still not back to 100% strengh, so this was enough for me today. Tomorrow is going to be another get out of the office and the guesthouse day, hopefully I'll actually have some decent shots to share with you!!

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