Monday, September 6, 2010

The work begins

I'm lucky that there has been someone doing my job for the past four weeks, and that this person has put some systems in place. I'm also lucky that this person is still here and I get an in person handover (which is a pretty rare thing in any industry I'm sure).

The difficult thing is managing an in person handover, particularly when the other person still has a number of days left here (then away, then back again, then gone). It's hard for that person to know what can be handed over immediately, hard to know whether they should just get on and finish what they're working on and then tell me about it later, hard to know where to start. But it's wonderful to have someone who is a full-time UNICEF staff member to explain the internal workings to me. Without that, any hitting of the ground running would be so much harder.

My revised job description has lost half the original title I was given, which is a relief not just for the workload, but now I won't sound like such a dork trying to recollect all those words at once. Four words is much more manageable than seven.

So we've made a start. I have a proposal to work on and my colleague has a list of things to prepare for me. We'll get there...

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