Thursday, September 16, 2010

Suffering and hope

I haven't been to "the field" yet. I don't know if or when I'll get out to see our response, so my interactions with what has actually happened in Pakistan are from television reports and the pictures I've seen. I've just been going through a folder of photos taken by a professional photographer and there are truly some heartbreaking images. There is a tiny baby, so small that the oxygen mask he needs covers his entire head; a young girl covering her ears as her baby sibling cries next to her; a mother who looks to have fallen asleep from exhaustion next to her baby, a fan still clasped in her hand. But there are images of hope; children with big smiles attending temporary schools or participating in recreational activities, young kids receiving vaccinations (and looking very unhappy about it), pregnant women being examined by lady health workers, and people of all ages retreiving clean water from hand pumps.

While my heart is a bit more broken from seeing pictures of such suffering, it starts to repair when I see the good that is being done. I'm not in the field delivering the hygiene messages that can reduce infant mortality by 20%, I'm not reuniting missing children with their families. But I am here to hopefully raise more funding for this important work to continue

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