Saturday, September 25, 2010

A room with a view

I don't like sharing an office with my boss. That's no reflection on my boss, I like her and think I'll be able to learn a lot from her. But she's a very busy woman, and people come in and out of her office all day. Added to this, I have a teeny tiny desk that has enough room for an in tray, my laptop, and a phone - my notebook has been my mousepad to save room. I've been waiting for a sensible amount of time to broach the subject of moving somewhere else, but the time just hasn't been right.

With the large number of surge staff that have come in from other offices, and through stand-by partners like RedR Australia, the offices of staff on leave have been taken over. One of these staff is coming back on Monday and an eviction notice was placed on his computer telling the people in there that they'd have to find somewhere else. One of these people is a senior manager, and my boss came in today and said, "You're going to be displaced. D needs to sit here." "No problem!" I said with a smile as she rushed back out the door and happily started packing up my meagre belongings.

So now I have a nice big (well, normal sized) desk that I can spread out all my papers on. I also have a view:

The building next door has four of these birds as pets/lawn dressing. I'm not entirely sure what they are yet; cranes and storks have been thrown out as possible options. I heard a story of the head honcho of one of the companies next door. In true Miranda Priestly style, when his driver picks him up in the morning, the driver sends a text to the guard to make sure the gate will be opened at the right moment. The guard then informs the staff that he's on the way, so they can close down facebook and look like they're busy. Apparently someone once parked in this guy's parking spot...he didn't come back to work again. Ever.

But the man has given me something to gaze out the window at!

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