Sunday, September 5, 2010

Out and About in Islamabad

I continue to be surprised at how great Islamabad is. First I was pleasantly impressed by my guest house, and the surprises kept rolling.

Last night a secret source delivered wine to us and a bunch of us sat around drinking Californian chardonnay and eating the McDonalds that had been delivered. You wouldn't think it was a good match, but it went down suprisingly well.

Today uur security officer took three of us on a tour of the city, and I was uber impressed with the Supreme Court building.
I didn't take this picture, I found on image search here.

I hadn't really thought about what Islamabad would look like, but I suppose I thought it would remind me of Dhaka, but it's so nice. The streets are wide (4 lanes in areas) and the roads are smooth, the grass is thick and green, the trees tall, and there is public park after playground after park. Our first stop was the Serena Hotel, which was a suitably fancy 4 star job that I won't spend much time at, what with the targeting of foreigners and all. But it was lovely to sit outside (this was before the saturating heat fell on the day) and have a cappucino and pan au chocolat.

We hit up a little supermarket packed to the rafters with imported goods, and the others had to laugh at the delighted expression on my face when I spotted the cheese fridge and the Lindt chocolate! Luxury!! We stopped off at a little shopping area and picked up a bit of traditional garb. I asked the salesman what it was called and he said, "frock." Very helpful.

By this stage it was time for lunch, so we headed to a nice little place that also has a spa upstairs (pedicures yea!!) and the food was absolutely deserving of a photo.

While our little outing only lasted a couple of hours, it was enough encouragement to know that life here won't be too hard, security permitting.

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