Saturday, September 25, 2010

Numa Numa Nothing going on

Really, it's just work work work. I've been doing fun stuff like briefing notes for donors and updating proposals and trying to figure out some money stuff. So there's not much to write home about.

This morning I saw this video - the song brings back two separate memories, both which make me crack up. The first of those memories involves my friend Julie (hi Julz!) coming back from Europe years ago raving on about a particular song that had been big on the charts. She couldn't remember the name, all she knew was the "Maiahah heeeeeeeeee, maiahah hooooooooo, maiahah haaaaaaaaaaa, maiahah ha ha" bit and proceeded to sing that repeatedly for the next few hours. This was followed up a good year later by the purchase of a mix cd in Spain to accompany a road trip. When the ole "maiahahs" starting blasting out of the stereo I cracked up, and couldn't believe I'd finally found the song Julie had been talking about. So, the song brings back memories of good friends and the beautiful east coast of Spain.

Right, so the video...

First of all, that is one massive marching band!! I would've loved to have been in a marching band at school, but unfortunately ours were of the sit down variety. Secondly, if you have absolutely no idea what this is all about, you might want to watch this:

Happy Saturday! :-)


  1. Maiahah heeeeeeeeee, maiahah hooooooooo, maiahah haaaaaaaaaaa, maiahah ha ha!! You've totally made my Saturday... And put that song in my head. Thanks! Jules xoxox

  2. Here's another one for you Julz
    "When the rainy days are dying
    Gotta keep on keep on trying
    All the bees and birds are flying
    aaaaaaaaaaah ah ah ah ah ah"... :-)