Saturday, September 11, 2010

New digs

I have now moved into what will be my room for the next 3 months. It's got two fans AND an air conditioner that doesn't grunt and groan. It's got rugs on the floor. It's got a big bed and a little bed in another corner. I have a little dining table for four, and a couch and an arm chair.

There's a desk and a big cupboard which perfectly fits my backpack on the top shelf. The bathroom is perfect for stringing washing over the bathtub. And then there's the tv with lots of Indian channels and a good size bar fridge underneath, which is helpfully cooling my camembert cheese and dark orange chocolate.

There's a lovely big window that lets in nice light that I can actually open because it has a screen. I think I'll be happy here.

And from my happy little home, may I wish everyone out there Eid Mubarak!! All of the staff here are looking much less hungry and lethargic now that Ramadan is over for another year.

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  1. oh cool, that looks really nice! i hope you're doing alright in islamabad... :-)