Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If you're thinking about donating

I've always found the lists of "what your money can buy" in relation to charitable giving to be an extremely useful tool for public awareness. Our (very efficient) logistics unit just sent this through:
  • $1 – the price of 14 sachets of oral rehydration salts, which mixed with safe water, help children combat dehydration and diarrhoea.
  • $3 buys 50 5ml auto-disable syringes, so that 50 children can be immunized with safe equipment.
  • $5 provides one long-lasting insecticidal mosquito net, protecting a family from malaria.
  • $20 can provide 20 packets of high-energy biscuits, specially developed for malnourished children.
  • $110 can provide 10 families with one basic family water kit each, including water containers, buckets, soap and water purification tablets.
  • $120 can provide 600 doses of measles vaccine, protecting children from this deadly disease.
  • $200 can buy one School-in-a-Box kit, a ready-made educational solution, packed in a lockable metal box, containing everything a teacher will need for 40 children.

Of course that's not to say that if you give $200 that your donation WILL be used to buy a school-in-a-box kit, but it definitely helps put into perspective what a small amount of money can do. If you haven't already dug into your pockets to help assist the people affected by the floods in Pakistan, re-read through the list above and see what you can afford. As long as you give to a reputable organisation, every dollar counts.


  1. Hi Carly,
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  2. Hi Zoe
    I saw a link to your survey on twitter this morning and took it already! Hope you get some interesting results that you'll share with the blogging community.