Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I has a bucket

I thought this morning would be like every other morning when I got to the office. Go to my desk, open up my laptop, check the emails etc. And yes, there has been all of that, but there was an extra step between getting to my desk and opening my laptop. There was a bucket sitting on top of my laptop this morning. A bright red bucket. The assistants to the Rep and Deputy Rep looked at me in confusion. "Why is there a bucket on your laptop?" Because I have a bud who I asked to buy me a bucket and he did! Regular readers would know of my history with buckets, and it would appear that they are becoming the new towels - never leave home without one! :-)

Not long after this the man who I share an office with turned to me and told me he was very jealous of my typing speed. "I'm getting old now, my fingers don't keep up with my brain." I told him that he wasn't old, and he pointed out his grey hair. I told him that I have some grey hairs too, and he said, "ah, but you are still very young, you must be only 35." "35?! I'm only 28!" "But you are very tall, it makes you look more distinguished, this is why I thought you were 35." Nice save...

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