Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There's a Carly for that

Remember my "Carly for Any Occasion" business, that wasn't really a business but more of a not-for-profit service? Well, it's back!

Need someone to go and see that movie that no-one wants to see with you? There's a Carly for that! I'd read somewhere that "Killers" was a poor man's "Mr & Mrs Smith" - I say, it was light years better and side splittingly funny!!

Need to go to an exhibition? There's a Carly for that! Even though it was my suggestion, Julie was super excited yesterday to have someone to go with her to the Valentino Retrospective currently on at the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art. There were so many beautiful dresses that were truly more impressive works of art than other things hanging in that gallery!!

We saw this one:
And this one:
And many many other beautiful constructions. I couldn't quite pick just one favourite (Julz had a clear winner) but I did love these three:

While some of the designs were pretty easy to peg to a decade, I'd never have guessed the top two above were designed in the last 10 years. Some of Valentino's designs were years in front of his contemporaries, and dresses from the 60s would be completely wearable today (if you moved in couture circles!!) If you'd like to read a review (of the book that accompanies the exhibition) by someone who actually seems to know what they're talking about, click here.

Need a Carly for your Scrabble occasion? Of course, there's a Carly for that. Julz and I played a long game with her bright pink Scrabble board (it's one of the breast cancer awareness products) and we both had some great scores. I managed to edge her out with what I believe is my highest score of all time, 316. Thank you Q on a triple word score!!

I don't know what's next for this Carly for Any Occasion business...if you're in the SE QLD area, give me a shout!!

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