Monday, August 30, 2010

A drive down to Byron

Byron Bay is a tourist spot in northern New South Wales, known as a hippie retreat (though it's changed a lot in the past couple of decades). It's under an hour south from our house, so Mum, Dad and I took a drive down today to enjoy the beautiful winter weather!
Apparently there used to be more goats, but I only spotted this one
This is the most eastern point in Australia, and we spotted both whales and dolphins cresting.
Dad and I walked down to the lookout on the water which was hard on the knees on the walk down, but much harder on the way up!
We then drove further south to Lennox Head, and enjoyed our sandwiches overlooking the water and the tea trees.
We stopped in at Bangalow, which is a very quaint little town with a bustling main street filled with boutiques and antiques. It's always satisfying to go into a store selling bits and pieces from overseas and smugly knowing that you got a much better price for a similar mandala in Nepal (about 1/10th of the selling price here!!) , or that jewelery box type drawer set you saw in El Dorado for about $10 selling for $115 here but didn't buy because it was a bit twee.

It was a lovely way to spend my last day in Australia...well, I might be flying out tomorrow if my letter of invitation arrives in time!!!

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