Saturday, August 7, 2010

Awesome ASH

Towards the end of my time in Lebanon I was getting in trouble from Ingebjorg for over using the word awesome, but I can safely say that the Ash concert I went to on Wednesday night was awesome. And amazing. If you don't believe me, read this guy's review.

I was impressed at the politeness of the crowd, while there was some enthusiastic jumping, no-one was pushing or being rough. I had personal space!! Impressive when you're second row back from the barrier.

The guys played a great mix of old and new stuff, and the crowd went pretty wild at Kung Fu - a song my brother and I had sung at karaoke not four days before in Japan!! The song was rad, my camera sound recording, not so much...

Look up the real video if you don't know the song!

Well worth the ticket price (We Are Scientist supported, and came out after Ash with the boys as the super group WASH for two covers which was pretty cool!) and the flights to Melbourne!!

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