Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Year

Well, that's been a pretty damn quick year! While individual days (particularly of late) have seemed to drag endlessly, the whole year has sped past. My Dad always says that years go faster as you get older, and I'm starting to believe him! Thinking back, there have been some major highlights to my year in Lebanon:

There will be many things I will miss about living in Lebanon: how cheap everything is; the sound of the call to prayer coming from 4 different mosques; the food (my god, the food!!); and most importantly, I'll miss all the friends I've made this year - those who've left me behind, and those I'm leaving behind.

There will also be a number of things I will not miss about living in Lebanon: boys and their noisy cars/motorbikes/soccer games/fireworks; masturbating men; judgemental and nosy neighbours; the pollution in the sea in Al Mina; taxi drivers who try to rip you off; and the fact that Shwarma Man wasn't open on Sunday nights!!

But even among the difficulties, the ups and downs, it's been having such a supportive group of friends here to keep me entertained and my spirits up when things were bad that has made all the negatives seem a little less bad. I can only hope that wherever I end up next there will be a group of people who are half as nice! And of course, I can only hope that my next job will be more professionally rewarding!

So on that note, if, after all the wonderful things I've told you about my job, you'd actually like to do something quite similar, my position will be changed to a Projects/Reporting Officer in the Donor Relations Unit in Beirut. You can check out the job description here.

So now, as I ride off into the uncertainty of unemployment, I look back at my time in Lebanon with sadness in my heart, but a smile on my face for whatever lies ahead.


  1. aww, that was a sweet post! so when is your last day and where are you going to go next? is it really Beirut? if so you won't be leaving Lebanon, eh?

  2. My last day at work was today, tonight I'm flying out for 2 weeks holiday in Kenya!! I get back on the 22nd, and leave for good back to Australia (via Japan) on the 24th. Maybe we can meet up for one last shwarma?!

  3. aww i hope you have a good flight! and yes, we should def meet up for one last shawarma! lemme know when you're back! tc n hope to see you soon! :-)