Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gourmet greedy guts

My epicurean escapades have continued. Yesterday Kayo took me out for lunch at a little sushi place, which was packed out with very old people. The sushi was sensational. I had some salmon nigiri, and I could see the wasabi under the salmon...the fish melted in my mouth and the heat of the wasabi pleasantly filled my mouth and I almost melted into the floor myself with delight. After a spot of shopping (stationary!!!) Kayo took me home and I had a few hours to recuperate.

She picked me up later and we spent a bit more time shopping, then headed for a yakiniku restaurant: Korean bbq. Wow. We had pork, seafood and beef, and once the meat is cooked you wrap it in a lettuce leaf with some sauces and onions etc, and pop the whole lot in your mouth. When Kayo gave me the first piece of beef to try, I couldn't contain my delight. She was so happy, as the expression on my face was one of pure joy with the food. Heaven!

She then insisted I try the green tea ice-cream, and I can't say I loved it. I particularly didn't love the accompanying rice balls and red bean paste. *gag*

Today, Greg, Kent and I went for lunch, and had a spectacular spread for only Y1000 - which deliciously covered off anything you could possibly want: rice, prawns, noodle soup, spring rolls, salad and desert!

Eventually it was time to do something other than eating, so we went to the Himeji Castle, which I think is the best in Japan. Unfortunately they're doing a lot of renovation work for the next few years, so the main tower is closed. But there are still parts of the castle you can go inside and just get a feel for it.

It;s really hot and humid, so after all the walking around (up and down steep staircases) it was time for a refreshing beverage. And when you're hot and sweaty, there's nothing more refreshing than:

"Pocari Sweat". It's sort of like sweet water with electrolytes, so it gave us the energy to do a bit more strolling around Himeji.

And now, the boys are in the kitchen (Kent used to be a chef) preparing Greg a birthday feast...can't wait!!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE Green Tea ice cream. Which is funny, because I'm a super-picky eater.

    So, I'm definitely moving to Arbil (Irbil, Erbil). Can you e-introduce me to your friend there? :)