Monday, July 5, 2010

Good mates, good times!

There's always a bit of a rush at the end of a job, not least actually finishing up all the work (ummmm, EC report to get finished...) but seeing the places you hadn't really gotten around to all year. I had one day of annual leave left, so I took Friday off and headed to the beach with Jenan and her little sister, to meet up with Ingebjorg and her visiting sisters. I'd been impressed with Lazy B at the beach party, but it's so much nicer in the daylight!!

There's lots of furniture strewn around the place, and lots of comfy places to take rest

We had a lovely time lazing in the shade,

but unfortunately I was a bit silly and didn't drink nearly enough water. So I was rather ill on the way home. Ah well, it was worth it, and at least I didn't get sunburnt as well!
On Saturday afternoon Nicole picked Yassmin, Ingebjorg and I up and we headed out for a lazy afternoon drive. Our first stop was a convent on a hill above Chekka. It was a bit misty so we could barely see back to Tripoli (only 14kms north) but the water looked inviting.
We then drove up the mountains, through Becharre and on to Ehden, a place I'd never been before. Nicole took us up to another church with spectacular views. On a good day, you can see all the way to Tripoli (which would have to be a good 60kms) and to Syria.

So as you can see, we were pretty high up (I think over 1600m). And while I was taking these photos, we heard a roar errupt from down below. "Ah, Germany's just scored a goal," Nicole grumbled. The amount of noise was insane!! We drove back down to the town square of Ehden, to sit and eat and take in the atmosphere of the Germany-Argentina game. We were among the few Argentina supporters, and made a quick exit after the 4th goal!
Saturday night was the long awaited, much hyped girl's night out (+ Chadi) to Taiga!! Taiga is a club in Batroun, which is about 20 mins south of Tripoli. Nicole is a regular there, and had been going on and on about it for a good 9 months. So we set the date, and off we went.
Shortly after this photo was taken, Ingebjorg had to actually use many of the Taigi-issued tissues to clean up the drink the waiter spilled on her.

Nicole and I had a fabo time!

Yesterday was a very, very quiet day for Carly!!
All in all, it was a wonderful long weekend, with great friends. It's starting to sink in that I'm actually finishing up work tomorrow (that's not such a bad thing!) and that I'll be flying out late tomorrow...

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