Thursday, June 17, 2010

To do

I went to another Arabic dance class this evening, and once again was unlucky to be sandwiched between two ladies who had no concept of personal space. Ah well, it was still a bit of fun. I'm going to get some private tutoring off Jihnan tomorrow night before we debut some moves on Friday night in Beirut. Not only is there a joint farewell at the office for Adi, Ingebjorg, Chadi and myself on Friday afternoon (which hopefully won't set my mindset to 'game over' when there are still 2.5 weeks to go!) but we're having a blowout bash Friday night at a place called Music Hall.

So while I may be being farewelled in 2 days, I can't let myself get into that zone just yet. Between now and the 6th of July I need to finish a report for a European donor, proof read a report for an Arab donor, and edit another european report (it's nice to have other people writing reports for me...that's capacity building!) then throw together the monthly update for HQ, do a bit of filing and clean out my drawers. She'll be right cobber!

And during that time also go to the Mika concert in Baalbeck (which I think will be more epic than Deep Purple), a beach party south of Beirut, some serious beaching, and perhaps a visit to a certain nightclub in Batroun that we heard about all last summer, and there's still a good 3 weekend days that haven't been planned yet. Summer fun!

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