Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Red door/Green door

There's a red door I love in Hamra in Beirut, just off Shara Hamra. I've never taken a picture of it before, so you'll have to take my word for it, but it's a great red door. On Friday afternoon, on our way to T-Marbouta to a jewelery sale, Ingebjorg and I passed the red door. The red door was open, and inside was a beautiful little garden. I was happy to discover such beauty was kept hidden behind my red door.

Today Yassmin and I went to look at a new apartment. With my contract up in early July, she'll need to find a cheaper place for the next couple of months, and had found out about an apartment in the old part of Mina. I once got lost on purpose in the maze of little alleyways there, happily wandering the twists and turns, admiring the old architecture, and smiling at the faces peering out of the windows. We were met by the landlord who didn't take us off the biggest road (which is wide enough for a small car, perhaps a Fiat Punto...) and led us up two flights of stairs.

A green door.

The apartment inside was nice enough, perfect for a couple of months and a fantastic price. The narrow balcony looks out over the old town, with some minarets nearby peeking over the top of the other buildings. I'll only officially live there for a week or so if we take it, but the thought of living behind a green door is exciting. Of course, on the scale of doors, red comes second to blue, but green is a happy third. We'll see...

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  1. ah, blue doors :)

    hope you're doing well over their carly. i saw you got a funny linkedin recommendation the other day. well, it brought a smile to my face!