Monday, June 21, 2010

An open letter to Lebanese football fans

Dear Lebanese football fans,

I know it must be hard to not have your own country's team playing in the World Cup, believe me for many years I knew how that felt. Of course, with this being the case, it is perfectly acceptable for you to take on another team to support. It's nice that the majority of you have chosen Germany and Brazil, two very capable teams, though it would also be nice if you supported some of the smaller teams who are playing well too (special shout-to New Zealand, I just realised I went to school with Shane Smeltz who scored their goal against Italy!)

So yes, it's very nice that the "world game" is indeed a game for everyone, even if you don't have a team of your own. My problem, Lebanese football fans is this: You are barracking for another country, so why the hell do you have to be so avertly over the top with your celebrations??? Particularly when it's only the group stage???

Last night, a small but very loud portion of Lebanese football fans celebrated Brazil's win. Now as the match had been going on, I'd heard the celebratory cheering when the goals were scored. No problem, that's fun! What really got to me was the celebration when the final whistle was blown: (a) There were fireworks right outside my window. Loud, flashy fireworks
(b) There were cars and bikes hooning up and down the street blasting their horns
(c) There were kids not old enough to have motorbikes hooning up and down the street on push bikes blowing their own versions of the vuvuzela.

This went on for OVER AN HOUR!! The game finished at 11:20pm (already past my bedtime) and the over the top celebrations carried on till after 12:30am. Who needs to ride up and down the same street over and over again for that long at that time of the night??

Lebanese football fans, it's great that you're passionate, it really is, but could you please be passionate with a little more respect for people that have to be at work at 7:15am? Mondays are hard enough as it is without you lot taking precious hours of sleep from me.

I appreciate your future cooperation and respect,

Update: I just got the following as part of a security update: "A clash between two persons leads to group fight on the night of June 20, because supporters of Brazilians caused lot of disturbance in the streets. Warning shots fired to disperse the crowds."

Update 2: Just to clarify, it wasn't me who fired the warning shots, it happened in one of the camps...

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