Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monkeys and Pigs

Yesterday, I was informed of some hidden smilies in google chat, a monkey :(|) which looks like this and a pig :(:) . How fun!!

This afternoon, after a chocolate milkshake at Hallab, Ingebjorg and I headed to El Dorado to see if they had any plastic shoes suitable for navigating the rocky beaches we'll be hitting over the next few weeks. While we didn't have any success with that, I did find some super cute thongs (flip flops people!!), which coincidentally featured...

Monkeys and Pigs!!

Perfectly timed (and fantastically priced!) to replace the lighthouses and moose pairs I bought when I left the Philippines (I had to throw out the moose/mooses?/mices?? while I was in Thailand... :-(

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