Monday, June 21, 2010

It begins

A few days ago I started pulling clothes out of my closet and rolling them up, stacking them neatly on my ironing board. The pile ended up being pretty big, and it didn't include the clothes I put aside to wear over the next couple of weeks. Today I managed to fit everything that was on the ironing board into a relatively small bag (I think I carried it on coming over here). So I was almost starting to feel confident that packing my backpack would be a breeze...but as I look around my room, and remember the bulky med and first aid kits in the top drawer, the electronics in the side table cupboard, I wonder how the hell I'm going to fit the rest of my life here into one backpack and one carry on...

Luckily I've still got two weeks to figure it out!


  1. Oh gosh, we're going this at the same time!!!! I hate hate hate packing up my life. At least it's nice to have company, albeit half a world away, while packing everything...

    Um, but I can't believe you've already started?! I haven't even THOUGHT about it...

  2. I have to have everything packed up before I go on holidays since my flatmate will probably be moving during that time. So unfortunately I have to be uber organised. And I just realised that I won't be able to buy too much in Kenya since there's not going to be any room in my backpack!!