Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farewell to an awesome foursome part 2

There's a place in Beirut I've been saving up for a special occasion. And there was no occassion more special than another farewell party for Ingebjorg, Adi, Chadi and me, so we gathered our nearest and dearest 15 friends and booked a booth at Music Hall. It's an old theatre that has been converted into a cabaret lounge, and is lusciously decorated in red velvet.

Throughout the night (11pm - 3:30am, and yes we were the very last people to leave!) different types of acts come on stage and play a couple of songs, then the curtain shuts, leaving you with a fantastic DJ, but still wanting more.

There was this guy, towards the end of the night, who brought the house down

I was pretty impressed by this Italian tenor

And this lot, though not quite as vocally skilled, certainly were a lot of fun:

and these two brothers played just the right music for me to bust out some of my new dance moves

There were also couple of pop acts, a Cuban band, and a rock group who played "Smoke on the Water" taking some of us back almost 12 months to the Deep Purple concert in Baalbeck, and a lot of fun all round.

Nicole was an excellent dance partner

Jihnan, Adi and Chadi were also keen dancers

And Nicole, Ingebjorg and Hicham kept me entertained effortlessly.

and I can just imagine what Oli had said to garner that look from Jihnan!

I'm glad I saved Music Hall for the end of my time here (it's an expensive evening!) as it truly was a night to remember; great friends, great entertainment, and great memories!

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