Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farewell to an awesome foursome part 1

The staff in the compound gave myself, Ingebjorg, Adi and Chadi a lovely farewell on Friday afternoon, as we're all leaving at various times over the next 2.5 weeks. And it was no surprise that my name (and Ingebjorg's) was spelled incorrectly on the cake, which didn't matter, because it was delicious!

We were presented with a lovely gift, which you can't really see, but there's a wooden map of Palestine in the middle.

We jumped on the UNRWA bus to Beirut as soon as the party was over, and were interrupted along the way by this:

(Yes, the photo is upside down for some reason, but you can clearly see a dirty great big puncture!)

We still made good time and I was absolutely delighted to see:

My red door was opened again!!

And some new grafitti!

I have this one on a new necklace I bought last week, it translates along the lines of "kiss me where it hurts"

We took rest in preparation for the night that was to come...

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