Monday, June 28, 2010

Dance Dance

We went to a beach party south of Beirut on Friday night. It was a fundraiser for a new NGO called Voices International that has been established here (registered in Austalia) to help address the problems faced by domestic workers. So we were happy to pay for a lovely buffet dinner and open bar.

I think the best song of the night was one of those 50's mega mixes (it might have been Jive Bunny), since everyone knows all the words and could dance along. It's always a bit of a downer when the DJ starts to play doof doof music you've never heard before. But Ingebjorg and I managed to have a bit of fun...

It's sad to think that I've only got 1 more weekend in Lebanon.

And in preparation for that, I did a trial pack of most of my worldly goods on the weekend. After carefully rolling all my clothes and placing the bulky things in my backpack first, I managed to get a fair bit in...but not quite enough. I unpacked the bag I'd packed last week and was a bit more ruthless in tossing clothes into a bag to give away, so I managed to fit more in there. I'm optimistic that I'll get everything in eventually, but just have to hope that I don't go over the weight limit. Since I'm travelling on a cut price airline home from Japan, I really don't want to be hit with their excess baggage prices!!

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