Friday, June 4, 2010

Culture shock

It may have been a long week at the office, but it's also been a week full of exciting things. Yesterday I attended my first Arabic dance class. My years of Jazzercise stood me in good stead, as I was absolutely fine with the foot work, and had a pretty good headstart in the hip isolations. Shaking the hips and the hand movements need a lot more practice, but thankfully my friend Jihnan has offered to give me some extra lessons!!

After a quick visit to Shwarma Man (how I've missed him) I headed for Cava, as it was Adi's last ever poetry night. He'd written a poem to express what he'd learned from Tripoli which was a smashing success.

Entitled "Arbar, Hamse, Let's go Fishing" (literally, "four, five, let's go fishing) may I present Adi...

This evening a few of us headed to City Complex to check out an exhibition by a Beirutian cartoonist, Maya Zankoul. Check out her website, it's fantastic! Since the exhibition was put on by the French cultural centre all of her drawings had been translated into French. Thankfully I had Najwa on hand to translate! And I picked up a copy of a collection of her pieces (in English), so I'm looking forward to reading that on the weekend.

We then headed down to the cinema at Las Salinas to see Robin Hood, which was effectively a cross between Gladiator and Braveheart, but a fine way to spend an evening.

After all this culture it's hard to come up with something more exciting to do this weekend. Maybe I'll be inspired by the film and seek out the citadel...

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