Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday girl

It's Rowan's birthday today. Happy birthday Rowan!! Rowan who always sends me interesting links, Rowan who corrects my grammar politely, Rowan who has been a wonderful friend for the past six or so years! Apologies that there's not a lovely photo of the two of us included here, but since I don't have the interwebs at home anymore, I couldn't upload one. I hope you've had a lovely day and that Sam the cat gives you plenty of affection (instead of the other way around!) :-)


  1. > who corrects my grammar politely

    hey, i resemble that comment!

  2. Thanks Carly!!! What a nice birthday shout-out. Sam has been ignoring me a bit recently. He is not so happy about having to share my affections. Can't wait to see the Kenya photos. Have a great time!