Friday, May 28, 2010


There are municipal elections on Sunday; there are cars crusing around blaring campaign songs and the whole city is plastered with candidate posters. They're everywhere. Including our balcony. I got home at 5am on Tuesday and as I went to shut my curtains I was startled by a large poster looking in my window from across the street. I promptly passed out from travel exhaustion and when I woke a few hours later, I made some coffee and went out to the balcony. It took me a few minutes to realise that my view of the Sea was blocked. Yep, there are two huge election posters on our balcony.

I mentioned my surprise at this to Yassmin later that night, and she complained how she'd received no notice that they were going up, and that they'd been erected while she was sleeping. (A bit of a safety concern for a woman alone in the house.) So at around 10:45pm she decided to take matters into her own hands, and pushed and pushed and made some strategic cuts and bent the signs over. View restored!!

5 minutes later, her phone rang. It was our landlord telling her that he'd recieved a call from some people in the neighbourhood and that she shouldn't remove the posters and that someone would be around at 11 to fix them. She asked me if this time suited me, since I had the following day off, and of course I agreed. About 15 minutes later the doorbell rung, and a young man had come to nail the posters back up. At 11pm. Spies everywhere!!

We had a bit of a flash storm today, though 20 minutes later the ground was dry and the only sign that there'd been a storm was the smothering humidity. Well, not the only sign. When I got home this afternoon I noticed the bigger poster had fallen over.

Yassmin had just left the house when the doorbell rung, so assuming it was her I opened it. There were two men, one holding a hammer. "Shu?" I asked. The man waved the hammer at me. The look on my face must have been pretty confused because he immediately started saying "sorry sorry" and making the shape of a square and pointing to the outside. It clicked that he was there to fix the poster. Again. I suppose the last 2 days of campaigning are still just as important...

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