Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The kindness of strangers

I was heading up to my hotel room in Bangkok the other night and a man very kindly held the elevator for me. His kindness didn't stop there though. As we travelled up to the 5th floor making small talk it was apparent that we were both Aussies. We both headed in the same direction down the hall and when he reached his door he stopped and reached into his bag.

"I'm not going to need this, why don't you take it for a nightcap?" he said, handing me one of those tiny vodka bottles. "oh, and you'll need a mixer," and pulled out a juice box. Pausing for half a second to remember how I'd thought that this one night would be an alcohol free evening and then taking another millisecond to dismiss it, I happily accepted his gift and enjoyed my little nightcap, glad that random acts of kindness are alive and well!

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