Saturday, May 1, 2010

Engaging in aid

The past week or so saw a massive explosion on twitter surrounding the idea of collecting and sending 1 million t-shirts to Africa. I'm not going to go into the details of the idea, you can read many great blog posts on the discussion by following any of the links below till your heart is content. I've spent more than a couple of hours reading through all the tweets and blog posts, and it's been absolutely invigorating. I think I've mentioned before that I've felt removed from the aid world in my current job, and it's the bloggers out there writing about the issues surrounding emergency response that have been my link. The controversy regarding the 1 million t-shirts has exploded in an up-to-the-second debate which has been fascinating to read.

The dedication of the aid workers out there, who write about the issues affecting not only their work but the delivery of aid in general, continues to inspire me. The critical thinking they apply, in their spare time no less, is something to be applauded.

So please join me in a round of applause for the aid worker bloggers out there! Here's just a small list to get you started, and if you have a shorter attention span, you can follow them all on twitter.

Tales from the Hood @TalesFromthHood
Wanderlust @morealtitude
Alanna Shaikh @alanna_shaikh
Wait...what? @meowtree
Good Intentions are not Enough @Good_Intents
Texas in Africa @texisinafrica
Transitionland @transitionland
The Road to the Horizon @TheRoadto
A Humourless Lot @Michael_Keizer


  1. Wow, thank you Carly! I am not sure that I fit into that august company, but I am happy to hear that you enjoy my writing.

  2. Carly - I am positively stoked to be included in this roster. Thank you for such an awesome shout-out.

    And... you're actually in the field, DOING aid (right?). How the heck do you feel removed from it all?

  3. Ah yes, DOING aid writing reports about what work has been done by other people! I used to be much more engaged in thinking about more meaty humanitarian issues; protection, CIMIC etc, which is why I'm really geared up for the PROCAP course starting tomorrow. There's nothing like a bit of IHL to challenge the old grey matter! :-)

    And Michael - really enjoyed your round up of 1millionshirts, fantastic stuff!