Friday, May 7, 2010


I've never attended such a mentally exhausting training course as this PROCAP one was. I am absolutely stuffed. In a nutshell,: I swung between total confidence that I was getting the tools, and then total freak-out that I had absolutely no idea about protection full stop; the other people on the course were a fantastic bunch; the hotel was super duper awesome (but really, who shuts the pool bar at 5:30pm?); and I'm now feeling pretty confident about deploying as a protection officer in the future (but only with OCHA, I don't feel like I need any true expertise to go to OCHA!)

I had some positive individual feedback from the lead trainer, which was really encouraging. I had to laugh though - in our full day simulation yesterday I'd met with him twice, with him playing the role of the Chief of Police. After both meetings I felt like I'd totally failed, that I hadn't achieved much and that I had no idea what I was doing. However, he praised my diplomacy and strategy of subtle negotiation, and that I had really pushed along the progress of my agency's agenda. I had to admit that there was no such strategy!! I figure if I'm such a natural diplomat then if I actually do some further reading on negotiation/advocacy techniques, I'll be unstoppable! :-)

I'm looking forward to reading back through the materials we were given more deeply a few days from now. I need a bit of time to process everything we learned (and all the alcohol consumed) before I can look at it again!

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