Sunday, May 30, 2010

Days like these

We had an international staff gathering last night at a colleague's (stunning) house in Beirut last night and it was nice to catch up with a few people I hadn't seen in a while. It was a relatively early night, followed by breakfast and a spot of shopping this morning.

Around midday Kristen and I met up with Adi and Loai and we headed for the beach in Byblos. Normally the drive from Beirut would take 45 minutes took close to 2 hours! Stupid traffic jams. As we were inching forward the clouds were gathering and the haze had descended again, but once we got to the beach it was a beautiful afternoon. We swam and lazed on the beach, and it was a bit disappointing to realise that having a little nap on a rocky beach was more comfortable than my bed!!

We farewelled Kristin and wandered around Byblos, which is something I hadn't really had the chance to do before now. It's a quaint little town that became more and more alive.

We stopped for an early dinner which was absolutely delicious and washed down with a refreshing Almaza beer and enjoyed the view of the ruins.

After a bit more wandering we stopped again for a coffee and decided that an evening in Byblos in the near future is definitely in order. The sun was setting as we hit the road, thankfully without any further traffic jams.

The elections are on tomorrow, but after a wonderful day out I'll have no problem with staying inside!

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