Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bogan ville

My flight landed in Brisbane right on time. Having got a new passport last year outside of Australia, I'd never tried the e-passport immigration contraption. It. Is. So. Awesome. No more standing in massive queues. No more making small talk with overtired, rude immigration officials. Yea! And then since I declared wooden goods (a little pink flute I got in Istanbul) I was swept through to the inspection line at customs where there was no-one waiting. I love it when things just work my way!

My ride home pulled up seconds later and due to a number of extenuating factors he's had to ditch me at the Springwood Maccas while he attends a quick meeting. What an interesting place. Thank goodness there's wifi, otherwise I would've gone mad reading the Courier Mail and listening to the conversations going on around me. Bogan central.

If you ever want to experience culture shock, go and sit in a McDonald's beside a highway at 10am on a Thursday morning!!

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