Wednesday, May 5, 2010

4 Star Cabin Fever

I'm not really complaining about staying in a very fancy resort for the duration of this training

it's just that there is very little time to go out and explore.

That being said, from my limited wandering, Pattaya doesn't really seem like a town that I want to explore. All the stories of dodgyness I was told before coming seem less far fetched now.

We have to go back into the training room at 7:00 tonight to get the final, important details for our full day simulation tomorrow. Of course, once that briefing is done, we'll have to get together in our agency groups (that's OHCHR for me) and do a bit of planning. I'm hoping this can be an efficient process and I can still go out by 9pm to get some shopping done!

Yes, life is that difficult for me!!

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