Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunrise and Sunset

Yesterday morning, the Australian embassy organised an ANZAC day dawn service in the Commonwealth War Graves cemetery in Beirut. It was a lovely service, with probably about 60 people there.

The sun rose as the ceremony progressed and it turned into a beautiful day. Coffee (with a dash of Bundy rum) and some ANZAC day bickies were on hand afterward, and it was good to meet a few other Australians.

It was all over and done with around 7ish so I jumped on a bus and headed for home. The Tripoli half marathon was on yesterday morning and caused complete havoc for traffic trying to get into Tripoli and anywhere around the city. It took me a good forty minutes to get home once the bus hit the Tripoli city limits.

After a productive morning of laundry and listening to Hamish & Andy podcasts I fell into bed for a few hours. Ingebjorg and Yassmin had the wonderful idea of sunset ice-creams so I wandered down to meet them.

The ice-cream couldn't compete with the Syrian souk, but the scenic view helped a lot. It's not often I get to (or aim to) see a sunrise and a sunset in the same day.

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