Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I can't count the number of times I've talked about my patented "super effective last minute time management system" (actually I can, it's twice) but I'm going to mention it again. When Julie was here in October, we marvelled at how we had seven months to get ourselves looking trim, taut and terrific for the big Vardy/Cox wedding in May. Turns out six months can go by pretty quickly!

I walked into the M&E office this morning for my daily coffee and was amazed at my colleague's appearance. She's been hitting the gym almost every day for a month and suddenly I could see the results. Nicole is now my inspiration. The woman is awesome! This time in a month I'll be sitting on a very long flight to Australia, so I've got 30 days to buckle down at the gym. Have I mentioned how much I hate gyms and how much I miss Jazzercise and badminton??

It's time to put my super effective last minute time management system into place with an exercise regime to make Nicole proud!

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  1. Good for you Carly, it is always good to have some one to inspire you to do the right thing. good luck