Monday, April 12, 2010

Private, unfiltered, spontaneous, daily

I remember my boss in Bangladesh telling me of a technique she'd been taught at some sort of retreat, to write 750 words every day. Those 750 words could be anything from a long to-do list to a random rambling stream of consciousness. The point is to do it every day, and by emptying out whatever is in your head you can better induce the creative juices.

Now there's a website that lets you do the same thing: There's a nice little point system there as an incentive (as meaningless points that can't be redeemed for anything are known to inspire) and a little tally at the bottom of the page that counts as you go. If you're really keen, you can get an email sent to you at a certain time every day to remind you to write (at day one, I'm not that keen). But I think it will be a nice way for me to just churn out the passages of my novel that I want to write, and worry about putting them in the right place later on. Why be constrained by writing in sequence, when I can write the argument that really builds the tension between my two main characters, or an hilarious 'lost in translation' moment between Sam and her translator?? Perhaps the idea of 750 words is to more introspectively explore yourself, and perhaps some days I'll do that to, just to shake things up a bit. The idea of having to write 750 words every day though of my novel means it could be finished in about 80 days! Sweet!!

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