Saturday, April 17, 2010

Footy in Nahr el-Bared

I tagged along with Yassmin to the camp yesterday, to facilitate the entry of some rugby league players, who have started running development sessions for kids all over Lebanon. Yassmin had been a bit concerned that only a few kids would show up, and initially there were 10 little tackers who were at the field. And by field, I mean gravelly dirt patch. These kids had no idea what rugby league was, and were a bit bemused by the oddly shaped ball.

The session started with some warm-up exercises, which Yassmin joined in on

There were some smaller kids who came to check out the commotion, I call this one "Shy"

There were some ball drills, which looked pretty fun!

After about half an hour, they were starting to pass the ball like pros

By the time drinks break rolled around, the number had increased to about 20 boys.

They were hot and sweaty but the smiles on their faces said it all. The coaches were fantastic, they're both Palestinian so they were able to inspire the kids. They got a big laugh when they told these scrawny boys that if they keep playing rugby league they could grow up to look just like them!

I hope they can get some funding together to keep these sessions going. You can imagine that these boys probably have a lot of pent up agression in them, so what healthier way for them to expel that than to crush each other on the field! (Of course, they'll need to be transported to a grass field, tackling on gravel won't be too much fun...)

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