Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who needs a man?!

Certainly not Carly and Yassmin!! We have one of those water cooler thingies that holds 20L of the good stuff...and it's been empty for a while, because we hadn't had Ahmed around to go and pick up a new bottle, and we'd also been a bit lazy in going to the store to organise to have someone deliver it for us. So we went to the store and the delivery guy wasn't there, so Yassmin just picked up the bottle and carried it all the way to our front gate (I then took over and carried it up to our apartment...thank goodness we live on the first floor!)

We cleaned out the dispenser and turned the bottle upside down, and water proceeded to spill out all over the floor. Not at all flustered, Yassmin yanked it out again, grabbed a screwdriver and prised off the back of the dispenser. We reconnected the tubes and voila, refreshing H20 on tap.

It was then my turn to be handy, and I got stuck into the drains. We have drains in the floor of the kitchen and bathroom, and they were both getting smelly and gross. I'd attempted to clean the kitchen one on the weekend, using two packets of drain cleaner, but it was still rancid. On went the rubber gloves and out came the goop. I then hit the bathroom...choking back the stench, I cleaned it out as best I could and poured another sachet of drain cleaner into the shower. 15 minutes later, I flushed it out with the bum gun and for once in our lives, we could actually see the bottom of the drain! Success!!

The challenges of doing this kind of work, and therefore living in developing countries - even one as 'developed' as Lebanon - always seem to be most evident when it comes to matters of water and sanitation!!

We both agreed, that we're very handy. Who needs a man? Not us! (Except I kinda need Ahmed to come back and turn the washing machine upside down to get the articles of clothing that are stuck underneath the spinner...see you Friday Ahmed??)

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