Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let them eat cake

Turns out you can have your Oreo cheescake,

and your orange cheesecake

AND eat them too!! (or at the very least, share them!)

After being ill for the past 4 days I was finally well enough to get out of the house for coffee and cake with Ingebjorg. It's a gorgeous sunny day, and I enjoyed my stroll in the shade to get a cab home, which took much longer than usual. Soon after I jumped in, another woman laden with bags of food hopped in and we took a drive to a part of Tripoli I'd never been in before. It was basically an urban slum that I'd been on the outskirts of, but never inside. It's not a crowded slum by any stretch of the imagination, but it's definitely and obviously a much poorer area. Even the cab driver seemed surprised at the conditions of the 'houses' in there.

After stopping to let her out, and then again for some kids to retrieve the shuttlecock they'd fired onto the hood of the car, we were on our merry way along the corniche. "Russia?" he asked me. "Australiyye" I replied. "aaaaah. Madame?" "Eh, madame," I agreed confidently, while discreetly covering my left hand with my shopping bag.

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