Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jab jab

I thought to myself a while ago that I should get the vaccination for yellow fever before my planned holiday to somewhere in Africa in July. I figured I'd get the jab when I go home in May for the Vardy/Cox wedding, but luckily, two of my friends are heading to Kenya for Easter and needed to get the jab. After witnessing the difficulties that went into tracking down where you could actually get the vaccination in Lebanon, I was very glad to tag along this morning having had to do none of the hard work myself.

The "Devaccination" office is designed for people going on the Hajj to Mecca and as such, the medication is free. And who could be bothered trying to figure out a system of not charging Hajjis and charging other people? Not these guys, it's free for everyone!! FREE!!!! So after a fair bit of waiting, and looking nervously at the amount of people already waiting in front of us, we were very happy when one young guy came out, fanning his arm, and a good eight of those people left with him. Because every young man of 20+ needs his mum, and dad, and brothers to come with him for the big scary needle! :-)

It was a very quick jab, and signing of the certificate in a brand spanking new little yellow book (which I didn't want or need because I already have a perfectly good one, but the dudes didn't seem to understand that it was exactly the same as the one they had, just that it was written in English and French instead of Arabic in French), but not to worry, I'll just staple it to the old one.

Now I'm just missing Cholera for vaccination bingo!

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