Friday, March 5, 2010

Follow Friday

So there's this thing on Twitter where people recommend other people to 'follow' on Fridays. A couple of people have been nice enough to include me once or twice in their lists, but I use my twitter for very mundane updates, to provide links or just comment on other things, so I really don't know why anyone would want to follow me! Anyway, most of my followers are already following the same people, so I don't bother with the whole "follow Friday" thing.

Instead, today I'll provide you with a list of fantastic blogs by aid/development workers (in case you've not noticed the links I've got over there on the left).

Wanderlust - Tristan is on maternity leave at the moment (*snort*) but he's posting fantastic photos and older memories

Tales from the Hood - J's back off to Haiti

The Road to the Horizon
- Peter's also in Haiti

Blood and Milk - Alanna's insights on public health and the aid game generally are always interesting

Good Intentions are not Enough - Saundra has great stuff on improving practice

Rachel's Goma Web Log
- Rachel's updates on living and working in DRC are wonderfully written

Roving Bandit - "Probably the best economics blog in South Sudan" (tehehe)

Pyjama Samsara - Vasco's posts are a rare treat

A Humourless Lot - Michael's the man for anything logistics

The Modern Young Lady's Guide to Coups, Contagions & Calamity - Kristen always has entertaining tales to tell from her extensive work travels.

Chris Blattman - Chris is an Assistant Professor at Yale who regularly posts interesting articles and links

Down There - Nate has a great archive of stories and photographs

Though I only know one of these bloggers in "real life" I hope to one day run into a few more of them around the traps.


  1. Hi!!!

    Maybe you'll end up on this continent next & I'll end up on yours... and at some airport in between, we'll get a beer! :-D

  2. Sounds like a plan Rachel!! :-)

  3. Thanks, Carly! And, of course, I will shout you a beer if you ever find yourself somewhere in the south-east of your own continent.

  4. Hi Michael, I'll definitely take you up on that next time I'm in the (other) great south-east!