Thursday, April 1, 2010

Everything I know about Swedes, I've learned from IKEA

From a perusal of the IKEA catalogue, I can summise the following about Swedish people:

  1. They are very conscious of time. In most photographs, there is a clock positioned prominently.
  2. Swedish people are big readers; the bookshelves are filled with interesting looking books.
  3. Swedish children tend to leave toys in random places. Similarly, Swedish adults leave their shoes lying around a lot too, even though they have wonderful shoe racks.
  4. They are a pet friendly people.
  5. Swedish people are creatively minded. This is demonstrated by the thick framed glasses adults wear.
  6. They have green thumbs, almost every picture has a plant or flower of some description.
I haven't finished the whole catalogue yet (and I must say, reading it in Norweigan makes no difference to reading it home - the names are still all fun things like Gorm, Oppbervaringskasse, and Jönåker - it's only that the prices are in Kroner which detracts from the experience since I can't tell what's a bargain) so there may be more lessons to know about Swedish people. I'll let you know.

1 comment:

  1. It is so so true about the shoes!!!! YES! Jettar bra!
    Perhaps the Swedes also get a large proportion of their education from the Ikea ball parks!