Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A bad boss is worse than war

I came across an article from January on Alertnet today, with the catchy headline "A bad boss is more stressful than war, aid workers say." The article is about a book, titled "Workplace Violence" that must have been recently released. The person quoted in the article, Barb Wigley, (she's a fantastic Australian who I used to do some work with a few years ago) discusses the research she did on aid workers, and how her research found that "there was a tendency in aid agencies to think that because their goals were worthy, they didn't need to pay attention to fostering good staff relations, but that this impaired efficiency."

The headline particularly grabbed my attention today because of a certain colleague, NOT my boss, who is causing me some anxiety, and perhaps if this person were to learn a bit more about fostering good staff relations, life would be more efficient. I won't go into any further detail, and I wouldn't go as far as saying this person is worse than war, but they are pretty damn close!


  1. (though obviously sad about your own bad (not your) boss syndrome. Shaking fist.

  2. yoink - just what an HR editor was looking for; bless.

  3. There is nothing worse than a bad boss. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing at all. Bad colleagues are nearly as bad.

    Totally agree.