Thursday, February 25, 2010

Warm and Fuzzy

I received an email this morning from my travel insurance company. Thinking it was going to be yet another notification about them changing underwriters, or other boring stuff, I was tempted not to read it straight away. But I did, and was pleasantly surprised:

Remember way back when when you bought your travel insurance? We were thrilled that you also chose to make a micro-donation to one of the global poverty-alleviation projects in our Footprints charity program: "Distributing food to vulnerable families," in the Chiredzi district, Zimbabwe.

We thought you'd like to know that your small contribution, combined with thousands of others did make a huge difference.

Food totalling over 8,865 MT was distributed to over 206,000 people in Chiredzi between October 2008 and March 2009, covering the period when food insecurity was at its worst. The majority of people receiving the food rations were children under 5 and children aged between 5 and 18 years old.

I'm not sure about their use of the term "micro donation". I know it wasn't a huge sum of money, but hey, I donated right?! Anyway, below that text was a link to a website to read more about the project, run by Plan and WFP, with a case study of a 12 year old girl who has to look after her three younger siblings. I'd totally forgotten I'd made the donation, it's good PR for them to have sent this update. I'm all warm and fuzzy this morning.

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