Saturday, February 20, 2010

I am the walrus

I can't remember when the walrus/bucket LOL first made the rounds of the interwebs, but I can honestly say that I sympathise with that walrus.

We had a bucket (well, you'd probably call it a tub) and it disappeared some time ago. So I went to the junk shop and I bought two different sized buckets as replacements. We spent a few enjoyable months with these buckets, doing the laundry and the mopping, just one big happy bucketed family.

You can imagine my distress this morning, when I went to get the big bucket to do the washing. It was gone!! I searched every inch of the house, including the balcony, and the balcony that runs below our was gone. The little bucket was gone too. THEY BE STEALIN' MY BUCKET!!!

So off I tottered to the junk shop once more, to buy another bucket. It's a beautiful day out, so I enjoyed the stroll. On my walk back, with my brand spanking new bucket wedged comfortably against my waist, I noticed the looks: the approving looks of women I passed along the way. I could just imagine their thoughts, "there goes the white girl, with a nice new bucket. She must be doing housework. She's one of us." I've never felt like more of a local, than I did today walking down the main street on a sunny day, with my bucket under my arm. A happy plus to this was seeing a cab driver who drove me home twice this week from the gym. "Mahabar," I called out to him as he drove past. "Ki fiq?" he called past with a big smile.

I has a bucket. I has a happy.

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