Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For we are young and free

Happy Australia Day!! This is the first time I've spent my national day in the northern hemisphere, and I must admit that I would much rather have: (a) had the day off and (b) been in the warmth, having a BBQ and a couple of coldies!!

Instead, my day was spent cursing the IT department. We haven't had an internet connection at work for 2 days now. Not having access to emails is actually a wonderful thing, but unfortunately, the finance department can't access their system without the internet, which means I can't get any work done, especially the final report for ECHO that was due last week (which was already delayed by my finance dude being off sick). So I've spent the time planning my work for the next six months, updating matrices, playing a bit of solitaire, and listening to Abdullah (the sanitation worker) try to convince me that both Canberra (or Kinabarra as he called it) and Sydney are both the capital of Australia.

In celebration of Australia Day, it was initially planned to have a screening of Priscilla, but it doesn't look like that's going to be possible tonight, so we're heading out to dinner at my favourite restaurant in Al Mina instead.

Who loves Vegemite in green and gold??

I do!!

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