Thursday, January 14, 2010

The circle of life (part # I just don't know anymore)

Losing Anise has been really tough. We found out today that her body wasn't found outside the compound, but in the carpark and that there were no visible injuries. This leads us to believe it was a snake bite. It's difficult when you develop a bond with an animal in a place like this and then it dies. It's happened to me three times now. First the puppies in Bangladesh, then the kitties in Mindanao. And now Anise.

Anise's sister, Twitchy (named by me to accurately reflect her disposition) seems to be a smart kitten. Where before, she bolted at the sight of us I think she's realised that Anise isn't coming back, and that her meal ticket (literally) is gone. So Twitchy took a big step yesterday, and let us all pat her. We were amazed and impressed that she could put her fear behind her, knowing that if we love her, we'll feed her. (That's not true, of course we would feed them anyway!)

Ingebjorg has taken it a step further. I got an IM from Yassmin telling me to get over to their office quickly. I hurried over, and found Twitchy sitting on Ingebjorg's one day, Ingebjorg has coaxed her from total aversion to lap sitting. She's a kitten whisperer that one! We can't replace Anise, but we can appreciate the affection from Twitchy.

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