Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter warming

It's getting pretty damn cold here, this morning I think I saw some very tiny snow flakes mixed in with the rain. Oh yeah, it's been bucketing down since about 9pm last night, so the roads were totally flooded driving to the office this morning.

Coming from a city where it doesn't really get too cold in winter (I suppose it might get down to 16 degrees celcius during the day) I'm struggling a little bit with the cold. It took me about 3 winters in Canberra to get used to the cold there, but this is something else. Ingebjorg, coming from the freezing land of Norway, gave me a wonderful tip to warm up - when sitting at your desk (or sitting anywhere really) and freezing - put a mug of boiling liquid (be it your coffee or just hot water) between your legs. You'd be amazed at how instantaneous the results are!

Another wonderful thing about winter is stew. We had our weekly "cine club" last night at my boss's house, and he decided to cook for us. He hadn't quite counted on how long dinner would take, so when we rocked up 30 minutes later than the specified time, I was immediately put on carrot peeling duties. While dinner bubbled away we started the film (Pulp Fiction) and took an intermission at 10:30pm to eat...Irish stew...the meat was so tender, and the potatoes and carrots flavoursome. And it warmed the cockles of me 'eart! Of course, that was all destroyed when it came time to walk home (just to the other end of the same street) in the pouring rain...good times, good times.

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