Thursday, December 31, 2009

Summed up in a few short minutes

Because I can't be bothered sifting through the photos today, here are the videos I took in Egypt

First night in Cairo, while taking a stroll along the Nile

Why I went to Egypt...

Hatshetsup's temple

While waiting to board our Nile river cruise on the M/S Liberty we'd heard a lot of shouting, turns out there were dudes in rowboats moving around all the cruise ships selling stuff from their boats, I had to give it a go. (Greg, this is where your present came from!)

The Temple of Edfu was pretty breathtaking

As was the Temple of Kom Ombo

It was a quick stop at Lake Nasser

And a very sneaky video at the Aswan High Dam (for reasons of national security type stuff, bah! I laugh in the face on national security type stuff!)

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