Sunday, December 13, 2009


Ingebjorg and I went along to the cinema last night, to check out the (free) European Film Festival. Having checked online, she assured me that we were going to see a light, happy Hungarian film that had gotten great reviews. When the film started however, it was not Hungarian, and it was apparent very quickly that it was not going to be a lighthearted romp.

What we got was the new film "Storm," a legal drama surrounding a witness in the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia. It follows a New Zealand female prosecutor as she tries to bring justice for a family who were victims of war crimes perpetrated by a Bosnian Serb General. It was an understated and restrained film, that brought an inside look to The Hague and brings back an issue that has fallen out of the limelight.

You can see the trailer here, or read the New York Times review here.

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