Sunday, December 6, 2009

A novel idea

When I was in Bangladesh, I started writing a story about an aid worker who, funnily enough, gets caught up in a cyclone in Bangladesh. Not a particular stretch of the imagination. I'd only written about five pages in a notebook, but planned a sweeping saga of disaster and conflict with the female heroine and a spunky love interest, inspired by the character played by Clive Owen in the (particularly bad) film "Beyond Borders." I'm was thinking of it as chick lit for the intelligent, well travelled woman.

Unfortunately, I lost the notebook in transit somewhere, and forgot all about it...until recently. I've decided that I'm going to have a crack at writing this fiction novel and will radically embellish all the things I don't know...which will be the work she does in Africa following Bangladesh. So if there's any aid workers reading out there that would like to give me some inside information about living and working in Darfur or Nairobi (I haven't decided which yet), please get in touch!

So far I've written 1,800 only about 63,200 to go!!

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